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Vicebreakers Membership

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Master the art of behavior change: Overcome your unwanted bad habits and addictions by combining scientific strategy, group accountability, and expert mentorship for less than the price of a book per month.

Have you tried to quit a bad habit (like smoking, drinking, or watching porn) before and failed?

More than once? Despite the obvious fact that:

  • Your health is suffering
  • You’re falling behind on your goals
  • You’re choosing bad habits over your responsibilities
  • You have to sneak and lie around those you love and respect
  • Your self-respect diminishes every time you cave

Then don’t overcomplicate it!

You have a problem.

You KNOW that bad habits like:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Smoking weed
  • Masturbating to pornography
  • Gaming away your productive hours
  • Eating fast food
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Gambling away your money at the casino

Can’t possibly bring you closer to your goals of having more money, better health, high self-esteem, and impactful relationships.

How Quitting JUST TWO Bad Habits Changed My ENTIRE Life

From the moment I started to suspect my drinking was negatively impacting my life, it took TWO MORE YEARS of regular binge drinking, pounding headaches, and ruined relationships before I made the commitment to get sober.

The funny thing was:

I was well aware that almost all of the problems in my life were either started or made worse by alcohol.

Despite this, I continued to get drunk over and over for years! (Honestly, looking back, I’m embarrassed...but if your past behavior doesn’t make you cringe, have you really grown?)

To make matters worse, I was also addicted to internet porn which further hindered my life in painful ways. 

I personally struggled with an alcohol and porn addiction for the better part of a decade.

I began restructuring my life and lifestyle around my GOALS. I realized my problem wasn't addiction -- it was undirected ambition. I know it’s not easy to give up deeply ingrained habits (even when you don’t want them).

If you’re anything like I was:

  • You’ve tried using willpower
  • You’ve read many of the “best” self-help books
  • You have goals and dreams that you know aren’t compatible with your bad habits

But no matter what you do or how hard you try, your bad habits are still there, like a looming shadow.

You struggle to master something as basic as your own behavior. And if you can’t master yourself, what can you master?

It’s a defeating feeling, to say the least.

Worst of all:

Your bad habit(s) might have been fun before, but now they:

  • Cost you money that you don’t have to waste
  • Make you emotional and reactive
  • Steal your energy and mental clarity
  • Lead to late nights and lost mornings
  • Ruin your relationships
  • Fill you with guilt and shame

Thankfully, Vice Breakers is the key to scientifically and systematically defeating your bad habits, once and for all…

Introducing the Vice Breakers Membership 

“What people assume is a lack of willpower or an unwillingness to change is often a consequence of trying to build good habits in bad environments.” — James Clear

Whether it’s your first attempt or your fiftieth, change can be fun and simple when you have the right approach, the right knowledge, and the right people in your corner.

To quit a bad habit, YOU DON’T NEED:

  • Therapy
  • Interventions
  • Previously undiscovered willpower

Or anything crazy like that. All you need is:

  • Science (to understand the problem)
  • Strategy (to outsmart the problem)
  • Support (to overpower the problem)
  • Systems (to cement the solutions)

Relying on a proven process is the difference between experiencing immediate success or another round of broken promises to yourself.

That’s why I created the Vice Breakers community...

For Cheaper than a book a month, you get access to:

  • Monthly content on behavioral psychology, habit formation, and emotional mastery so you can reclaim control of your actions and create the life you desire.
  • LIVE video call mentorship with me where you can ask questions in real-time, interact with other members, and receive the answers and motivation you need to master your worst habits.
  • Exclusive, professionally designed worksheets you can use to craft your vision with clarity, discover your driving motivations, and build systems that support your progress.
  • A live, private community where you can get support at any time of the day (In my opinion, this is the real game-changer and worth the price of admission all by itself).
Here’s just a tiny glance inside:

A regularly updated forum to help you battle your addictions and habits. 

If you’re sick of self-help books that sit on your shelf collecting dust and you want something tangible, actionable, and scientific for creating change--then the Vice Breakers membership is for you!

Best of all?

You pick the habits you want to quit! 

It doesn't matter if you have a drinking habit, smoke too much weed, can't put away the porn, waste all your time on video games or TV, or you simply need to overhaul your diet...

Every bad habit boils down to the same fundamental ideas that we are going to tackle inside the membership community. 

Ready to join Vice Breakers and take back control of your life?

Just click the buy now button at the top of this page and you’ll receive immediate access!

Change Happens When A Plan Is Put In Place

So here’s the deal:

You can read more books and consume as much “motivation porn” as you like.

You can daydream about better days and make excuses for all eternity as to why you aren’t where you want to be in life (blaming forces outside yourself like the economy, the government, your boss, your family, or the current alignment of the stars).

But real progress is made when you put a plan in place and decide to confront your destructive habits once and for all.

This is your chance to JOIN VICE BREAKERS TODAY and: 

  • Design your future without your bad habits holding your potential hostage
  • Move past guilt and shame surrounding your bad habits and reclaim your natural confidence and self-respect
  • Understand human nature and the deeply ingrained behavioral biases that hold you back from being able to quit a bad habit
  • Take control of your emotions and learn to create your life rather than react to it
  • Stop wasting money on bad habits that provide no benefit and put that same money towards things that actually matter (like your kids, your business, a trip overseas, or your retirement)
  • Heal your brain and body and discover physical vitality and mental clarity that lasts
  • Avoid the rollercoasters and dependencies caused by bad habits and learn to cultivate deep joy that comes from healthy and purposeful living
  • Connect with like-minded people who all share the same intention: turning their lives around

And so much more!

BONUS (🚨Can’t miss🚨!):

Get the best-selling $129 Vice Breakers course for FREE when you sign up.

The Vice Breakers course has sold several hundred copies in the first month alone. It has already helped people just like you turn their lives around and overcome their bad habits easier than they ever thought possible. 

And for you TODAY…

You practically get to steal it. Just do the math…

$129 divided by $25 is 5 months.

Seeing as there’s no other way to get this course for cheaper than $129, I’m basically giving you your first 5 months in the community for free.

If you wanted to quit a bad habit (and who wouldn’t), where will you find a better deal than that anywhere??

  • Professionally designed worksheets
  • A wildly in-depth online course
  • Live video calls with a mentor
  • Exclusive science-backed content
  • Exclusive 90-minute video presentation
  • A private community

All designed strategically and specifically to destroy your bad habits and addictions so you can get on with your life...


Ready to join Vice Breakers and take back control of your life?

Just click the buy now button at the top of this page and you’ll receive immediate access!

P.S.: You can learn everything you need to know about Vice Breakers here

What I’ve found after years of helping people quit bad habits is this:

You are ready right now.

You don’t need to wait until it feels perfect.

The time to step up and take action is NOW.

If your vice(s) has caused you to slack on:

  • Your parenting
  • Your business
  • Your savings
  • Your diet
  • Your sleep
  • Your fitness
  • Your relationships

Then you literally can’t afford to not take back control. And Vice Breakers is only $25/month!

Deep down, you know that your bad habit is merely a replacement for what you truly want. Nobody who is stress-free, in great health, living with purpose, and enjoying meaningful relationships feels the need to escape.

So just take a second to imagine what life’s going to be like without your bad habits weighing you down:

  • Feeling 100% in control of your own life
  • Having a clear mind and abundant energy
  • Experiencing satisfaction and depth in your relationships like never before
  • Being your best self for those who need you
  • Remembering what it’s like to love and respect yourself
  • Having a little cash left over at the end of the week

Just what could you accomplish!?

What will be off-limits for you??

I know it sounds obvious, but it needs to be said:

You lose nothing when you quit abusing your mind and body, and you’ll get back things that you didn’t even know you had lost.

You are NOT ALONE fighting this battle.

There’s a community of people taking control of their lives just waiting to help you on this journey.

Join us today and take back the control...

I can’t wait to see you inside!


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