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Engagement is the New Cocaine: The Art and Science of Writing Awesomely Addictive Tweets

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Let's be real. Right now, you're struggling on Twitter.

  • Your follower count is at a stand still or worse, you're losing them.

  • No one retweets your stuff.

  • You're 1 suspension away from losing your account and being forced to start over.

Even though you see accounts of regular people having big growth and massive success, you think this Twitter thing just ain't worth it.

"Your Twitter is the best thing on the internet, but the only thing I want to do is check your feed. I'm hooked!"

I'm a social media dope dealer and my drug of choice is Twitter.

I have over 160k followers on Twitter and do 40M+ impressions per month. (My handle is @Edlatimore. Go ahead, verify follower count)

  • I don't follow-for-follow

  • I don't pay for advertisement

  • I don't have a blue checkmark

  • I don't ask for follows

  • I don't ask for retweets

I just know how to write so well that people actually pay me to write their tweets.

This is NOT a special talent, innate gift, or magic power.

This is a skill that anyone who NEEDS to build a dedicated fan base on Twitter can use.

"Engagement Is The New Cocaine: The Art and Science of Writing Highly Addictive Tweets" will teach you the techniques I use to build an audience that is so addicted to my feed that THEY PAY ME FOR TWEETS.

They HAVE NO CHOICE but to:

  • Like

  • Retweet

  • Follow

  • Go to any site I share

In this powerful e-book, I reveal my secrets for:

  • Making people share your tweets, even if they disagree

  • Being polarizing without trolling

  • Avoiding suspension but still talking shit (*if you ever wondered what the difference is between the shit talking accounts who got banned and who didn't, this is key--and it's got nothing to do with politics)

  • How to make ANY topic highly engaging and addictive

  • Making people feel like they're part of a special tribe (this little known secret is HUGE for getting massive retweets, many new followers, and big-time engagement)

I'm not teaching cheap tricks and quick fixes. I'm giving you the real game so you know how a following is really built.

Be careful using these techniques. A powerful Twitter account is like fire: it can be used for heat a home or burn it to the ground.

Not only will your audience be huge, but it will be loyal, engaged, and EXTREMELY ADDICTED to your Twitter account.

Without question, they will:

  • Drive massive amounts of traffic to your website (My small site wins the battle to get on the front page every time this way)

  • Follow people who you retweet (People pay BIG $$$ on Twitter for influence)

  • Buy whatever you recommended (this WILL change your life)

  • Connect you to celebrities, politicians, and big players in our society (The people in my DMs make me one of the most connected people in the world--just from Twitter)

If you're just getting started, now is the time to build good tweeting habits.

If you're stuck and can't any growth or engagement, this book will get your growth going.

If you're a seasoned Twitter veteran, I guarantee you'll learn something new in this book that will grow your connections and put money in the bank.

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(35 ratings)
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Engagement is the New Cocaine: The Art and Science of Writing Awesomely Addictive Tweets

35 ratings
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