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Dick Detox: The Ultimate Guide to Beating Porn

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Pornhub recently compiled a survey about pornography users' viewing habits from 2008-2017…

  • In 2008, 134 hours of pornography were uploaded to Pornhub. In 2017, it was 476,291 hours.
  • In 2008, Pornhub saw 1 million daily visitors to the site. In 2017, 75 million daily visitors.

Considering this is just one of the countless thousands of free online porn sites, the porn industry appears to be doing well…

But out of the growth of internet porn has also come a vast number of guys whose lives have been damaged by porn addiction.

Online communities, forums, and support groups like r/nofap on Reddit are popping up everywhere. For the first time ever, men all over the world are realizing that even though pornography is fun in the short term, there are debilitating long-term consequences to heavy porn use and chronic masturbation.

For example:

A few decades ago, young men having performance problems was unheard of.

Now, thanks to the abundance of free pornographic content available, erectile dysfunction is only the tip of the problem (pun intended).

Chronic internet pornography use and excessive masturbation can also lead to…

  • Destroyed marriages and relationships
  • Disturbing fetishes and sex addictions
  • Mental health problems like depression and anxiety
  • Crippling social anxiety and inability to talk to girls
  • Chronic lethargy and lack of motivation
  • Guilt and shame that follows you like a shadow

Thankfully, all of this is fixable…

How to stop watching porn and fix your sex life

You’re here because you’re suspicious about your porn habit. You think you might have a problem with porn, but you aren’t sure.

Here’s an easy test…

Does the following sound at all like you?

  1. You’re spending money on porn
  2. You’re depressed
  3. Your d*ck doesn’t work
  4. Your porn taste has escalated
  5. You have brain fog and low energy
  6. You're choosing porn instead of girls in real life
  7. You can’t stop watching porn despite the consequences

If you–or a loved one–are suffering from one or more of the 7 major effects of porn addiction, then you’re in the right place.

I used to be so addicted to porn that I couldn't go more than a few hours without fapping. I wasn't sure I'd ever escape the gravitational pull of my pornography addiction.

However, thanks to what I share in this course, my hands and my conscience are finally clean.

The shame. The depression. The ED. The late-night hentai sessions. The low energy.

All of this can be undone. You might have developed this bad habit from a young age, but you have the power to undo it as well.

At least you recognize the problem and plan to do something about it. In my experience dealing with both alcohol and porn addiction, admitting that you have a problem is the first step in overcoming it.

With the information and strategies provided in Dick Detox: the ultimate guide to quitting porn, you can finally conquer the porn habit and…

  • Rewire your brain to crave real sex rather than digital daydreams
  • Develop healthy relationships with real human beings
  • Release guilt and fear caused by a shameful browser history
  • Heal your brain's dopamine reward center for better motivation and focus
  • Crush cravings on the spot by replacing porn with healthier alternatives
  • Develop absolute self-control without the need for an accountability partner
  • Dramatically improve your sex life whether you are single or married
  • Improve your self-esteem knowing you belong to the minority of men who live porn free
  • And so much more

Once you understand the processes that are keeping you addicted, you can remove the problem at the root (FOREVER).

What are you waiting for?

Download Dick Detox: The ultimate guide to quitting porn and restore your confidence, vitality, and sex life today!

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Dick Detox: The Ultimate Guide to Beating Porn

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