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My Twitter Growth Engine is now "Pay What You Want"

I'm practically giving away my Twitter Growth Products because I'm shifting my focus to my book "Hard Lessons from the Hurt Business".

My goal is to have a massive impact, especially on young men, and sell one million copies in its first calendar year of publication. This requires an immense amount of focus, both actively and passively in the content I post on my website and the offerings I make to the world.

Although Twitter is something I'm good at and enjoy, it's not where I'll have the greatest impact.

I've never been fully confident in the side of my brand that deals with mindset, discipline, resilience, grit, and other buzzwords. The success of various mini-documentaries about my story and people paying me to speak have shown me that I need to go 10x harder in these areas and leave everything else by the wayside.

The Twitter courses still work and will make you a fantastic writer, not just on Twitter but on all platforms. As a gift to those who have supported me on Twitter, I'm retiring the courses completely and removing links to the products on my website. You will still have access to them, but you won't be able to access them through my website or social media properties again.

Pay what you want for my courses, even if it's nothing. If you feel inclined to donate something to the cause of writing a kickass book, that's cool too. Thank you for your support.

The Templates (regular price $247)

Engagement is the New Cocaine (regular price $50)

Under The Influence (regular price $47)

How to Get Your First 1000 Followers (regular price $129)

How to Write Highly Viral Twitter Threads (regular price $129)

Dope Money Hustlers (regular price $47)

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Growth Engine

177 ratings
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