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Who is Ed Latimore and how did he go from growing up poor in the projects to gaining over 160K followers on Twitter and becoming a multiple six-figure author and course seller?

Ed reveals his secrets to get engagement, gain fans, and make bank.

From The Projects To Twitter Royalty

In 2015, I took Twitter seriously.

I tweeted about the ideas I believed should be popular. These ideas worked for me and helped me come out of poverty.

After spending some time on Twitter, I realized other people –really smart people– had similar perspectives.

Celebrities. Academics. Best-selling authors. Famous personalities. Legendary investors. People with bigger audiences.

I connected with them. All because we exist on the same intellectual level.

Thanks to Twitter, I’ve made solid connections, great friends, and consistent income every year since 2018, while traveling the world and typing keys on my keyboard.

Thanks to Twitter I’ve been featured in:

Twitter Helped Me Meet Legendary Authors, Investors, And Companies.

Best-selling Author and Creator of the Dilbert Comics, Scott Adam

Legendary investor, founder of O'Shaughnessy Asset Management, James O'Shaughnessy

Twice WSJ bestseller author of "Choose Yourself" and co-author of "The Power of No," James. Altucher

Ecommerce platform where creators have earned over $404,349,527, Gumroad

So if you want a Twitter account that can get anyone to...

  • Take action

  • Share your posts

  • Retweet your ideas

  • Spend money on products

  • Subscribe to your newsletter

  • Recommend your work to their friends

Then it’s time to get started.

Then let me show you the exact system of writing addictive tweets to get explosive follower growth and quickly increase your income, reputation, and authority... 

all by typing dope words on your smartphone!

You know that you need an engaged audience if you wanna make it on the internet.

It doesn’t matter:

  • How many problems your product solves…

  • How many people need to hear your message…

  • How much value you deliver…

If no one's paying attention to you, you’re just shouting at a ghost in an empty room.

So let me show you how to:

  • Write tweets so dope that people keep overdosing on your account

  • Get your engagement to shoot up

  • Make your impressions skyrocket

  • Double or even triple your Twitter followers

Introducing: Twitter Growth Engine

Ed Latimore’s complete Twitter growth system to get massive engagement, gain followers in less time, and build an insanely valuable brand on Twitter

In this very special, very limited offer, I'm giving you all the tools to take your Twitter account to the next level.

You'll be able to build a solid Twitter account that will get you:

  • Thousands of fans

  • Hardcore followers

  • And people who genuinely look up to you

What’s Included In Twitter Growth Engine?

Engagement Is The New Cocaine

The Art And Science of Writing Awesomely Addictive Tweets

  • The 2 most powerful weapons of mass engagement (these two writing techniques are so simple an 8-year-old could use it. Page 26).

  • ​Making people share your tweets, even if they disagree.

  • ​​Avoiding suspension but still talking shit (*if you ever wondered what the difference is between the shit-talking accounts who got banned and who didn't, this is key--and it's got nothing to do with politics).

  • ​​The down and dirty way of providing massive value to your following (discover the 4 simplest ways to help people handle their problems).

The Re-Up

The Next Level Of Twitter Engagement

In this short course, I show you the simple ways to take your tweets to the next level. I show you:

  • The three types of tweets to write will get big engagement every time. It doesn’t matter what your niche is; your content will fit into these categories.

  • How to craft a bio that makes you stand out and makes people hit the follow button every time they decide to see who wrote that fire tweet

  • How to never run out of things to say. You won’t just ramble either. Your tweets will always provide value

  • Secret tactics to ACTUALLY provide value. Value is simple and if you do it right, you can’t mess up Twitter

  • How to treat the people in your network so they always help you grow and prosper. I’m not talking about sliding in the DMs or asking for RTs. This is the real game I play to stay ahead of the pack

The Crackhead Hustle Writing Method

The Crackhead Hustle Writing Method is specifically designed to improve your writing in the shortest amount of time.

In this powerful guide, I reveal:

  • How ANYONE can become great at writing and profit from it (even if you flunked English or aren’t ‘creative’)

  • The top mistakes new writers make (and how you can develop a year's worth of skill in just over a week)

  • How to capture your reader’s attention and STAND OUT in any crowd (in a sea of noise, you need to stand out or you will drown)

  • How to use your writing to build MASSIVE followings on multiple platforms (and why this will be the most valuable asset you ever build)

  • The secret methods that you can use--starting today--to hook your readers in like crackheads (don’t worry, unlike slangin’ them actual crack, these methods are ethical!)

And that’s not all... You'll also get the Bonus Stash Of 3X Goodies!

Bonus #1: How To Build A Profitable Personal Brand

In this 1 hour presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Differentiate yourself by NOT competing

  • Build authority and trust via transparency

  • Take what you’ve lived through–even if you’ve been a piece of shit–and use it to get paid

  • Manage to make $5-10k per month by being yourself

  • Get requests to be on podcasts and interviews

  • Build your social media into a weapon that sells and networks 24/7

Bonus #2: Under The Influence

The Guide To Getting Your First 1000 Followers.

  • How to get your Twitter account to grow from scratch without paying for retweets or being a pest

  • How to start from zero followers and build an account that people pay attention to?

  • How to finally get the attention of accounts you admire without tagging them in shoutout posts or sliding into their DMs

  • How often you need to tweet (and how to specifically do it) so that your profile is attractive and “sticky” (Not understanding stickiness and how to use it to your advantage is one of the biggest reasons that accounts don’t grow past the double-digit stage)

Bonus #3: Masterclass: How To Get 2000 Followers In 30 Days

In this 1 hour masterclass, I delivered to the Life After Professional Sports organization, I taught former Olympic and professional athletes--many of which have Twitter Verified accounts--how to use the platform in a way that allows them to make rapid gains.

I give them a solid plan to gain 2000 followers in 30 days.

Things that people don't often think about like:

  • How to stand out in a sea of notifications and noise

  • How to interact with bigger accounts without being obnoxious so they retweet you

  • When and when not to use hashtags to trigger growth

What people say about my system

Price for you, today?

After reading everything about this Twitter Growth Engine, you may be wondering how many hundreds of dollars is it worth.

This system works.

And if you’re dedicated, it’ll be extra powerful.

Because this system is proven to work for me and my student…

The price is


This is the real-world value of this program.

But, for a very limited time, you’re not going to pay that price.

You can get The Twitter Growth Engine Pack and all its bonuses for only:


My Personal Guarantee

The system works.

The testimonials are there.

I will no longer be giving refunds of this particular product.

If you purchase this, you acknowledge that you want to grow on Twitter. I will help you if you are having trouble implementing, but all sales are final. 

Once you read and watch my content, feel free to steal my tactics.

Use them.

Overuse them.

Commit to the system.

And get the bag.

So, are you in?

Hundreds of people are in already.

Get your copy of Twitter Growth Engine Pack today and be part of the small group of people I call, The Twitter Royalty.

Ready To Join? Click The «I Want This» Button To Get Twitter Growth Engine

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Twitter Growth Engine Pack

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