The Mind And Fist Essays Of Power

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I don't know you, but I know you.

I know that you're tired of feeling weak, being a victim, and having no control over the direction of your life.

I know you because I was once you.

I used to be stuck on the hedonistic treadmill of mediocrity. Always drunk, always broke, and always looking for the next piece of cheap entertainment and distraction.

Then one day, I changed my entire life around.

-Trinity, The Matrix

I took responsibility for my personal development and started living the best life I possibly could. I learned how to:

  • Live with purpose
  • Think with clarity 
  • Face my demons
  • Fix my finances

Unlike a lot of other motivational gurus, I've been to the bottom and I clawed my way back out. I don't think I'm on the top, but in the past 6 six years I've managed to:

  • Win a battle with alcoholism
  • Forgive my mother and the rest of my family
  • Finish college
  • Serve in the military
  • Write two Amazon best-selling books
  • Build a massive audience online
  • Box professionally
  • Generate a 6-figure, location independent income
  • Learn another language
  • Move abroad

That's not too bad for a kid who was raised by a single mother in the projects and raised on welfare. It wasn't easy and I wasn't sure if I'd just become another statistic along the way, but I think I have made tremendous progress.

Not just for where I started, but also compared to most people. This isn't an accident and there's NOTHING exception about me. Actually, I think that having seen a person murdered at age 3, seeing my mom arrested at age 11, and being homeless at age 19 is, in purest sense of the word, exceptional.

The best thing about starting at the bottom is that I had to learn--the hard way--how to navigate the challenges of life. 

I had no advantages. I had no help. But here I am and now I want to help you.

Like I said: I don't know you. But I know that you have AT LEAST one of these concerns or problems:

  • You don't know if you'll ever find your "purpose"
  • You don't want to struggle financially
  • You want fulfilling personal, business, and romantic relationships
  • You want to feel like there's more to life than just Netflix, Politics, Social Media, and Bullshit
  • You just want to be more and be better, but you don't know if you can do it.

You are lost, but you don't want to be found. You want to find yourself and build something worthwhile of your life. The Mind and Fist Essays Of Power will teach you how to do that.

The Mind And Fist Essays Of Power

In this 103 page collection of my most potent and impactful newsletters, I will teach you how to get your mind right and your life on track. Before we can fill the bucket, we have to patch up the holes in it. First, learn from some of my more painful lessons. I teach you:

  • How to Heal Yourself, Vanquish Your Foes, and Conquer the World With the Power of Forgiveness
  • Why Pain Is The Same Illusion As Fear
  • How I Learned Basic Money Management, The Hard Way
  • 5 Hard Lessons From The Homeless Shelter: Real Talk From One Of The Worst Situations In Life
  • Lifestyles of the Broke and Aimless: 5 Unexpected Reasons You Suck With Money And How to Fix Them

And many other lessons I've learned the hard way that were necessary for me to get to the next level mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. Once you get these down, we go to the next level where you learn:

  • 3 Powerful Methods For Not Caring What Other People Think
  • How to Embrace Pain And Suffering To Gain Knowledge and Master Yourself
  • How to Practice Right, Practice Often, Or Become Shit
  • How To Increase Your Energy And Enthusiasm: A Short Tip That Can Change Your Life
  • How to Do Well When You Aren't Motivated

And other tips to give you strength, energy, and endurance so you don't give up when the changes get tough and you want to go back to the old comfortable you.

Finally, once you're on track, I have essays that show you how to accelerate your progress. These essays are like pouring gasoline on the small fire of self-improvement that you started. You'll learn:

  • How To Deal With Pressure, Losing Friends, And Knowing What You Stand For
  • A Quick Basic Bro-Science Guide Business Building and Personal Branding
  • How to Execute Personal Ownership
  • How to Reveal The Truth About Your Limitations And How To Handle Them
  • My Secret to an Even Temper and Zero Neuroticism (This is probably the one lesson that has kept me from losing out on many opportunities)

And other gems that give you insight into my process for making changes to my life, and getting on a road to improvement.

If I can have the live I have with the hand I was dealt, then so can you. These essays will give you the power to get where you're going no matter where you started or where you're coming from.

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The Mind And Fist Essays Of Power

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